“Be a Good Neighbor” (by Siera Huff)

While reading up on, and learning about, the increased numbers of “religious nones” in our society, the word “neighbor” came to mind. Whether you live in an apartment building, surrounded by neighbors on all sides, or see people at your workplace or grocery stores, we all come across so many different people of different backgrounds and with different beliefs, everyday. Everyone that we come into contact with are our neighbors. What makes a good neighbor? Some things that come to my mind include being respectful, interested and approachable, a good listener, and caring. In Matthew 22:39, Jesus teaches that we are to “love (our) neighbor as (ourself).” The Bible is full of examples of times in which Jesus lived in community with and loved on people of all backgrounds. He saw the worth and value of every person, and I believe that we should constantly work to do the same. In order to live with and love on those around us well, we must be a good neighbor. I’ll end with a few questions to consider: how am I at being a neighbor? In what areas of my life can I improve on to make myself more approachable and loving toward my neighbors, including the growing number of religious nones?