A Search for Common Ground: Let’s Talk (don’t judge me by my cover)

A few months ago, a family member warned me, “someone—a Christian—looked at the cover of your book and said dismissively, “bet I know what Fred’s views are.”” I appreciated the heads up, but I expect that.

I hope A Search for Common Ground: Let’s Talk will be picked up by anyone, no matter how they lean politically, no matter their views on life, and no matter their religion. I hope non-Christians, as well as Christians, will read the book and think, this is something I could give to someone quite different from me, and we could discuss it together. Maybe that’s a person you care about, but they have quite a different perspective and attitude about things, so you don’t know how to enter non-surface level talks with the other. I think this book could lend that opportunity.

I admit I wrote the book as a Christian, but it does highlight and challenge all angles. At the same time, I wrote largely about where I am at today as a Jesus follower. That point might frustrate some of you Christians who will find you hold different views, but at least you can know that I didn’t seek to write it with a certain marketable style just to move more books. In essence, the book is true to who I am.