Pastors and leaders, imagine more congregants hungry to be ambassadors for Jesus. Imagine them, beyond serving food or doing fix-it projects, also talking about their faith with those who don’t know. Imagine more of them inviting people to “come, see…”

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Gospel growth among the spiritually lost, confused, and empty, is VITAL for every church. Why?

It was a major priority for our Lord Jesus, and for His first churches. 

Churches and their people thrive when they sense fulfillment by actively communicating their faith and engaging in Gospel outreach ministries.

Our communities, societies, and world are in desperate need of impactful churches sharing the Gospel with them. 

Religious nones are the largest religious group in the US at 26%, recently edging out Evangelical Protestants, who have held steady at 25% for 13+ years (Pew Research). Much is due to Jesus-followers not sharing faith much: 1) 80% of those who attend church one or more times a month, believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith, but 61% have not told another person about how to become a Christian in the previous six months (Lifeway Research). 2) Over 60% of believers have in-person or online spiritual discourse between 0-5 times/month with those who are spiritually lost, confused, and empty. (Fred W.’s survey of 200 believers).

Imagine the impact if we each increased our Gospel outreach even with just one more person each month!

Churches, you are vitally important for the well-being of your communities and our society. And, Gospel growth is not a one-size-fits-all. It can include local, regional, on-line, and international efforts, depending on your church’s location, community-size, life-stage, and strengths & passions.


How will Gospel-Impact Reclaimed help with Gospel growth?

It is not “another program,” but a catalyst to gently encourage congregation-wide paradigm-shifting and culture-shifting, where we embrace our responsibility for our communities’ and societies’ spiritual welfare. 1) It can Assess a church’s Gospel outreach, as well as give some data-driven analyses. 2) A church can also utilize its Customized Consultation and Hands-On-Help. 3) Follow-up is always provided.

Get a glance of Gospel-Impact Reclaimed‘s full-service over roughly 5 months.

Is Gospel-Impact Reclaimed for my church?

It’s for any church wanting more impact, whether you are in a season of maintaining, but plateaued in Gospel outreach and enthusiasm, OR thriving but hungry for more, OR seemingly irreversibly declining but still wanting to be a blessing. Consider having an Assessment done, and go from there.

Qualifications of Fred W. & Gospel-Impact Reclaimed

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