PODCAST—Tapestry Ministry Goes Places Most Ministries Don’t

Beth Broadbooks and her gang go to strip clubs, LGBTQ pride marches, and the like. It’s probably not what you think. (“Thank-you, http://www.StudioBe.us, for use of your great studio!”)

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2 thoughts on “PODCAST—Tapestry Ministry Goes Places Most Ministries Don’t”

  1. I was denied the opportunity to volunteer for this ministry when I filled out an application in the past.
    The outreach team seems to prefer polished people from my perspective or their close friends, not the broken ones that have found God who could more than bridge the gap between the lost and seasoned, lifelong Christians that often don’t have the personal life experience to plant seeds to win those unbelievers to Christ. This is just one experience. I have to daily remind myself to forgive this ministry among several others that have failed many people in the community. I don’t want anyone else to feel discouraged by the cliques people tend to form as Christians but I suppose that’s the nature of the beast in a world filled with sinners.

    1. I am sorry this happened to you, which clearly has been hurtful for you. You make an excellent point that believers who have personally experienced brokenness, and perhaps, being deeply lost, are well-suited, maybe even better-suited, to relate to unbelievers who presently are experiencing being lost and broken.
      Thank-you for forgiving ministries which have turned you down from volunteering for poor reasons. Thank-you for forgiving a guy like me when I have possibly done that at times in my past as a ministry director. HOWEVER, are you certain this ministry turned you down for the reason you describe, or for a truly poor reason? As they specifically go into very sensitive settings—bars, strip clubs, pride marches, etc—they clearly have to be very careful. For example, they might not want former addicts to go with them to certain places, for good reason. They don’t allow men to go into strip clubs as volunteers for the reason of not wanting the men to fall to temptations.

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