BLOG—Stop Doubting, and Believe, (like Nateema), said Jesus

I believe God can do amazing things within, and through, every person, especially on the spiritual side of the human nature. To me, that is so hopeful! I believe it for a couple of reasons: 1) Countless stories in the Bible, God’s Word, the main book of truth for me, provide evidence of this. 2) I witness it in people I know. This isn’t surprising to me as I believe people are spiritual, that is, within each person, there is an immaterial reality that cannot be perceived by the senses, and it exists as distinct from matter. I understand that is typically not accepted by those who solely accept naturalism, that is, that only natural laws and forces operate in the world. (I write much more on spirituality in my book, A Search for Common Ground: Let’s Talk

Here are a few examples: Dhan has always been actively spiritual, but for the majority of his life, it was as a Hindu. As a Hindu, he prayed to many gods, but as his prayers seemed to go unanswered, and as he was introduced to Jesus, he found a God with whom he could have a personal, warm relationship. Jesus answered prayers for Dhan, and upon learning about Jesus according to the Bible, Dhan loved to worship Jesus. Upon “coming out” about his relationship with Jesus, Dhan was beaten by two family members, and he was ridiculed by most of them, but he would not turn from Jesus who was giving him a new life. Amazingly, over the past ten years, nearly all in Dhan’s large extended family have found new life in Jesus, intially through hearing about Jesus from Dhan. Dhan, who is gifted musically, presently is the worship leader of a church which contains mostly his fellow Nepali people. At the same time, he is in Bible school, training to become a pastor.

Louise has always been spiritual, but for the first half of her life, as a Native American, it was through her culture, which is inherently spiritual. In her early adult life, Louise came to know Jesus personally, and wow, did the spiritual part of Louise ever flourish! Louise is one who experiences dreams that are incredibly vivid, but which may be difficult to initially understand. Days or weeks later, the dreams, or at least parts of the dreams, often come true. But, as confusing as the dreams are, Louise sometimes speaks to a friend who has an equally amazing ability—interpreting the meaning of Louise’s dreams and what she can expect to happen.

Nateema, like Louise, is also Native American, and she also has experienced vivid dreams. One of these dreams came true very quickly as Nateema was an inmate in the county jail, which ultimately led to Nateema surrendering her life to her Creator. On Saturday, June 29, listen to the podcast, Hopefully Divided, as Nateema talks with me (Fred) about going “From Darkness to Light.”

God can do amazing things within, and through, every person! Unfortunately, personally, I limit what God does within, and therefore, through me. This happens when I doubt His power within me. As well, this can occur as I allow sin-strongholds to keep their place within my life, therefore choking out the work of God. But, I don’t need to give in to that. Here’s how to make a U-turn, and to go in a better, right direction—

Thought questions: 1) If you have a hard time accepting what I (Fred) have written about the amazing work God can do within and through you, why? 2) Personally, how do you limit what God can do within and through you?