Intentional Gospel growth among the Lost is important—vital—for every church.

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Because it was a major priority for Jesus (Matthew 5:13-16, Luke 10:1-12, Luke 15, Luke 19:10, John 3:16-17, many others), who is the head of the Church, and for his first churches in the book of Acts.

As well, for the sake of the Lost, for the sake of churches to survive, and thrive, and for the sake of societies desperately needing impactful churches, Gospel growth among the Lost through the efforts of churches is key.

Though always essential, a church’s Gospel growth among the Lost can include local, regional, on-line, and international efforts, and it can be broadly understood, depending on location, population, life-stage, and other factors.

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While valuing efforts of resources & programs which seek to deepen one’s relationship with God and others, to improve mentoring & discipling, to develop leaders, to improve conflict management, and to improve church-function for the people within churches, as well as thoughtfully promoting implementation of those resources & programs when needed or requested,….

FRED WILGENBURG FOCUSES ON OFFERING churches 1) assessment of community & congregation, 2) consultation (Ideas), 3) hands-on-help, and 4) follow-up to Grow the Gospel among the Lost.


Presently, “religious nones” (non-believers) are the largest religious group in the US at 26%, recently edging out Evangelical Protestants, who have held steady at 25% for the past 13 years. That’s at least partially the case because over 60% of Jesus-followers converse between 0-5 times/month with those who probably do not believe.

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Many of the in-grown issues of churches will dissipate, and churches will thrive with positive energy as they re-focus on doing all they can to grow the Church with those who are lost.

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