Love is Patient, Love is Kind (by Siera Huff)

Love. What does this word even mean? There is such a vast array of meanings behind this word, but I believe society has totally warped its definition and damaged what love was truly created to be. Let’s take a closer look at what true love is by examining 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. I encourage you to sit down with this Bible passage and take your time in it. Even though some of you may know it by heart, sit in it and let it soak in nice and deeply. In the first portion of the passage (verses 1-3), we are reminded that we literally cannot do or say or think anything purely or rightly if we do not have love. Love gives us purpose and impact. In verses 4-7, we are told what love is. Some things that love is include patient, kind, sacrificial, protecting, trusting, among others.

These words about love are beautiful and all, but are they actually impacting us and our actions as they should? It’s simple to love lovable people well, but what about those who are seemingly unlovable? This could be a spouse, a child, a neighbor, a relative, anyone who hurts us, and those around us with different beliefs and backgrounds from our own. Think about those around you who need your love and turn to 1 Corinthians 13 for guidance from the perfect example of love.

(If Spiritual Canyons do exist, as Peace Within Reach implies that it does, LOVE can bring us together, proving we are not Hopelessly Divided.)


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  1. No pun intended Siera, I love your post. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment conveyed to your readers. I believe love is the most powerful tool in our arsenal against wickedness. God loves us so much that he gave His son for us, which is so hard for me to fathom the depths of this sacrifice. Our love for all those around us helps to bring joy into the world, and joy to our Father.

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