“Holy Cow!”

What thoughts or emotions arise in you as you hear the following words and phrases? As you consider these, try not to assume what my personal responses might be; I will comment with mine later.

  • People speak of “Mother Nature” or “Mother Earth.” Here’s an old quote found online: “Look at all the wonders that Mother Nature provides, from fruit and vegetables to beautiful mountains and oceans. You better batten down the hatches, because Mother Nature is blowing up a serious storm.”
  • “Good luck!” It’s used often, by many.
  • Not within a religious setting, someone speaks the following theological phrases with emotion, “God-da….it!” OR “Jesus Christ!”
  • Similarly, though its use is more widespread—“Holy cow!”
  • Upon the death of someone, another person, seeking to communicate a proper condolence, usually through social media, writes a theological statement—“Rest in Peace” (RIP).

From what perspective do you hear or say those phrases? Does that make a difference?