It is Scary, but Dependent much on One’s Perspective.

Has the whole world at one time ever been more anxious?! Technology, including computers, internet, fast travel by planes and cars, has created a global society. There are many upsides to that, but one major downside is the potential for global pandemics, like coronavirus/COVID-19.

What are the different reactions to COVID-19? Part of that depends on where you live. In Italy, it’s especially scary as there have been many deaths. In New York City, it is scary, but it is also a major disturbance to life as people have been forced to isolate. Small business owners and many employees are in danger of losing their livelihood and income.

Again, what are the different reactions? I hear from many who are afraid of physically catching COVID-19, or of seeing a vulnerable or elderly loved one catching it. That fright is understandable. As a person of faith, though in my humanity I get anxious too, I believe God is bigger than COVID-19. God, the great engineer of our bodies, designed things within us, like white blood cells, to help the body fight infection and disease, and God has given intellect and perseverance to medical professionals to understand it. Not only is God bigger than COVID-19, but I believe he is personal and loving, so he hears and answers prayers of people on behalf of COVID-19.

Some are afraid of dying from COVID-19. The World Health Organization says that the global mortality rate is 3.4%, but it’s higher in a country like Italy. It’s understandable that people are afraid in that way. As a person of faith, I believe that in the bigger picture of things, all is going to be okay. I have that perspective because of the Bible. In Romans 8:35-39, I learn that in Christ Jesus, nothing, including death, can separate me from the love of God. In Philippians 1:21, I read, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” While I’m not desiring death, because I enjoy living, whenever death comes, and eventually the mortality rate reaches 100% for each of us, I will be okay, in Jesus. To read more about that, just click this link:

Some are afraid financially. That, too, is understandable, and it is worse for some than for others. We all need to do our part in helping each other. But, what also may be helpful is what a faith-filled friend told me. She said, “Fred, we’re living in days of manna.” She got that from Exodus 16 of the Bible, when God gave his people who were on an exodus in the desert just enough manna (bread) and quail to get them through each day. They needed to trust in God daily! For many of us, we are so reliant on insurances (life, medical, auto), on savings accounts, and on our 401-K, so we might forget about our need for God and his help. Perhaps these days of COVID-19 can be our “days of manna.”

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