Spiritual divides are everywhere—

various religions proclaim having the exclusive Truth; others like Gandhi say, “truth is the exclusive property of no single scripture”; religious nones are growing in most societies; churches struggle to be relevant; atheists and Christians can’t seem to communicate together in edifying ways; understandings of the world and its origination vary greatly; the different generations (baby boomers, generation x, millennials, post-moderns, generation y, generation z) have difficulty understanding each other.

But, we share much common ground as humans.

we experience emotions; we are able to care, and we need to know others care about us; we ponder life; we are spiritual; we disagree over those things because we can think and form opinions; we each have the capacity to personally know God.

In light of our common ground,

respect for each other, appreciation of our differences, and honoring the profoundness that we each have the image of God, bring us together.