An Unexpected Gift….the Best Kind (by Siera Huff)

Being parents to a little boy, my husband and I often read from “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” It brings the events of the Bible together in a beautiful and life-giving way for young ears, and older ones too. Our family has been reading the simple Holy Week stories together in the evenings. The title on the Resurrection story is “God’s Wonderful Surprise.” As we read this, I began thinking of Jesus’ resurrection as the greatest and entirely most meaningful gift, or surprise, that I have ever received, and will ever receive. The best gifts come when we are least expecting them, and frankly, don’t even deserve them. When gifts are given in this way, it displays a genuine and deep love on the part of the giver. Jesus died on the cross to defeat sin, death, and complete destruction, which is what I was. He rose on Easter morning to bring new life—a life of freedom, rich blessings, and undeserved love. Rest in this truth today and richly enjoy this greatest surprise.

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