A Need for Honest Discussion, and Grace.

Several months ago, Megyn Kelly was fired by NBC for ignorance in her discussion of racism, and her use of the word, “blackface”–https://www.thedailybeast.com/megyn-kelly-defends-blackface-on-halloween-how-is-it-racist. This seemed harsh. People are becoming afraid of discussion, of asking questions, fearful that it may be politically-incorrect enough to cost them too much.

I hear people judge others as racist, while calling themselves “not racist.” Personally, if asked if I am racist, I would have to honestly respond that I have some tendencies—sometimes I stereotype certain ethnic groups of people in certain, negative ways. I don’t blurt it out, but I feel it. Occasionally, a comment slips and I’m like, “ughh, I don’t like those words, or where they came from–my soul.”

I hope we can be honest about ourselves, and ask questions, including about things to improve upon. 

Back to Megyn Kelly’s issue….is there room for appreciating our differences in race and color, as Megyn Kelly indirectly stated? Here’s another article about her thought process on the matter, this time concerning dressing up as Diana Ross—one whom she thinks is beautiful: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/remysmidt/megyn-kelly-blackface-halloween-costume.  

I know, this all needs to be within reason. Some have said that Megyn Kelly and her editors should have known the history of “blackface” better, which has been much cause for hurt. Other times, I suppose we know a thought is wrong or a statement would be rude, so self-monitoring serves well. Still, I want to be able to talk, and to learn…..

……I work for New Roots Ministry (http://www.sfnewroots.com), so I have the blessing of working with former refugees and immigrants. Maybe not initially, but soon I often ask where they are from, and to tell me about that place. I love and appreciate our diversity! Too much caution “disinfects” our discussions, and we lack sincerity.

In Bible times, Jesus mentored a group of twelve ordinary men—his disciples. Sometimes the disciples said quite ridiculous things and they reacted impulsively. Brothers James and John asked Jesus if he wanted them to call fire down from heaven to destroy some people who were not welcoming. Jesus rebuked them, but stuck with them. Disciple Peter cut off the ear of a man in defending Jesus. Jesus rebuked Peter, and stuck with him. They were being prepared to begin, and to lead, the Church. I, for one, am thankful they hung in there together.

What is your level, or your style, of honesty-in-discussion, like? Is it more helpful for you, or more troublesome?

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